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Staff Performance

Staff Performance, Training & Incentives

Happy Employees = Low Turnover Rates

Happy Employees = Low Turnover Rates

We take pride in our professionally trained staff. All of PSI’s applicants are carefully screened and have passed extensive background checks and drug tests before training begins. Every team member is thoroughly trained in a rigorous curriculum that focuses on the specific “Rate Pursuit Techniques” and the requirements of each client’s unique program. Once fully vetted and trained, our PSI Representative is prepared to engage policyholders with the highest level of knowledge, courtesy, and professionalism.

PSI, Inc. is a fun and rewarding place to work. We value our employees and embrace diversity. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSR), have opportunities to earn recognition and rewards through periodic bonus opportunities. PSI, Inc. also has a weekly drawing, and prize giveaways to incentivize superior contact solution support, which you can read more about below.

PSI's Testing, Training & Performance Incentives

Extensive Background Checks and Drug Screening –Hiring the right employees helps us keep our turnover rates at an industry low. Before we begin training, all PSI’s applicants are subjected to extensive background checks and drug testing.
Superior Caller Training – Our caller training is critical to the success of every program. For that reason, we’ve developed and continue to refine one of the most thorough and involving Caller Training Programs in the industry. The result for our clients is a professional, relaxed, friendly representative fully trained in rate pursuit.
Better Team Structure – Our employee-to-supervisor ratio is less than 20 to 1. This team structure allows us to modify training and implement program changes very quickly, typically within 24 hours.
Performance and Quality Development – Our team members devote 100% of their time to ensure top quality policyholder information. Every call is recorded. We monitor every Customer Care Representative at least twice per week and review every completed report twice prior to sending it back to our clients.
Customer Care Incentives –One of the ways we improve satisfaction among clients and policyholders is by giving our representatives’ service motivation incentives. Every time a policyholder recognizes superior customer service, the PSI Customer Care Representative is eligible for a variety of bonus incentives, including:
$250 award for any outstanding call that results in unsolicited feedback from the policyholder to commend great service.
CSR of the Month awards for any Customer Service Representative who goes above the call of duty in his or her work ethic, overall positive attitude, and professionalism.
Monthly drawings for “Good Job” cards earned by going the extra mile for policyholders.
Company loyalty incentives offer bonus awards for continuous employment with PSI.