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The satisfaction of your guests is not something you want to gamble. In an ever-crowded field of properties competing for the entertainment and hospitality dollar, it is important for your property to distinguish itself. The best way to do this is by offering a level of customer service and satisfaction that no other casino, cruise line or hotel can match. However, to do this, you need to understand which services are most important to your guests, as well as how you compare to other properties in the offering of those services.

A professionally administered gaming and hospitality survey will identify the areas in which you excel and the areas that need improvement. The best way to understand your strengths and weaknesses is through the use of benchmarking information or comparison data. Benchmarking information allows you to understand how your performance in certain areas compares with similar properties. As a result, you can know exactly how you stack up against your competition, and what you must do to increase your performance and exceed guest expectations.

Surveys conducted by PSI allow you to both compare and evaluate all facets of your operation, including casino and cruise line services, food and beverage services, hotel services and more. On the whole, gaming and hospitality surveys can:

  • Improve the guest experience. The central objective of a guest survey is—first and foremost—understanding how you can provide a quality experience for your guests. A guest survey lets you know how you rate on every element of your services across the entire property. From bar staff to front desk receptionists, from the quality of room service to the array of games offered, you can find out exactly how you compare to other properties and the impact this has on a guest’s overall experience.
  • Increase share of wallet. When it comes to casinos, guests who feel they are taken care of are likely to play where they stay. By ensuring a high level of customer service, a casino can guarantee itself the lion’s share of a guest’s table or slot time. However, it is first critical to understand the elements of customer service a guest values most. Is it the ambiance of the casino? Fellow players and clientele? Quality of food and drink? The mix of games available? A range of table limits? A guest survey allows you to understand exactly what your clientele value most. This information is invaluable when developing marketing efforts such as reward programs and special offers on accommodations.
  • Increase guest recommendations of your property to others. A guest survey allows you to identify areas where your property excels and potential areas of service failings. Furthermore, historical data will give you the potential to understand the evolution of guest opinions over time, allowing you to understand the effectiveness of organizational changes or marketing strategies. One of the key features of a guest survey is the potential to engage in service recovery. This allows you to immediately reach out to a guest who has reported an unpleasant experience and make right any wrongs. Ultimately, the ability to respond rapidly will decrease the potential for negative word-of-mouth and ensure future guests do not have similar negative experiences.
  • Tie improvement goals to management compensation plans. A guest survey helps you make solid and grounded plans for improvement. By tying improvement goals to management incentives, you can align managerial behavior with customer satisfaction. This allows you to provide greater structure to employee compensation while increasing the probability that employees will work hard to meet improvement goals. Often, organizations find it difficult to start the momentum for change, but structuring compensation in this way will ensure the ball starts rolling.