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Homeowner Programs

Homeowner Insurance to Value Service homeowners make changes in their lives and improvements to their homes, their risks change. Managing that risk through proper replacement value calculation is critical to protecting homeowners and ensuring profitability for your business. Verifying each customer’s policy-level information in your homeowners’ book of business is where PSI can make a difference.

Use our experience

We have the expertise to update homeowner policy information quickly and cost-effectively to manage that risk. PSI’s Homeowner Insurance-to-Value program (ITV) engages policyholders through our exclusive policy management software. We utilize whatever recalculation engine you choose, even your proprietary system, to assure correct replacement value. We’ll also gather information about other risk factors such as in-ground oil tanks, pool diving boards, or other potential loss exposures.

If your policyholder has upgraded the kitchen from Linoleum to Italian tile, for example, they’ll want to know they’re properly covered so they can be correctly reimbursed. You’ll be giving your customers proper coverage and increasing retention at the same time. It’s a win-win scenario.