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Customer Service

PSI hires the best Customer Care Representatives with a proven track record in the industry. Once hired, we provide extensive training on the product and services being offered with the focus being on the customer experience. Customized Contact Solutions treat everyone the way Customized Contact Solutions want to be treated, with respect and understanding.

Customer Surveys, an outbound call center, and customized web portals will allow you to collect valuable customer data from your customer base while simultaneously reinforcing perceptions that your organization genuinely cares about their opinions and welcomes their feedback.

If your organization does not have a process in place to gather this invaluable customer information, it should do so quickly with the help of a customer survey. By listening to the voice of your clientèle, you are ideally situating your organization to develop or maintain a competitive advantage.

Customer Surveys, an outbound call center, and customized web portals help organizations:

  • PSI can help you boost sales. Customer surveys can help you to increase revenue because when you can accurately identify your consumer’s needs, you are then better able to deliver the products and services, your target market needs and wants. Analyzing the data from the surveys will help you target the areas that need improvement, and, as a result, in the long-run, you will build customer loyalty.
  • PSI can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Both you and your target market are vested in seeing your products and/or services improve. When you solicit a critique from your end-users, you are then able to identify areas that may need improvement, and then begin to develop a game plan to address those weak areas. Survey feedback can help you identify your areas of strength too! You can take your strengths and integrate them into future marketing strategies.
  • PSI can help your organization gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. When you become more attuned to your clients’ needs, you can fulfill them, and they will be less likely to seek out the competition.The data gathered in survey results will help you to understand better potential or current threats your competitors may pose to your business. By discovering your customers’ concerns (i.e., price, quality, product range), you will be better to address and serve them. This kind of knowledge will give your company a competitive advantage.
  • PSI can help you understand customer perceptions about your brand. If you never ask how will you know? It is that simple. Customized Contact Solutions ask your clients how your brand compares to that of your competitors.Customer information like this can help you determine if you have a competitive advantage or not. Also, you may be able to find out why your competitor’s clients come to you.
  • PSI can help you improve your customer’s overall experience. While having superior products or services is great, if they are not delivered to your clients liking then you will still lose customers.Customer surveys help assess contact points between your organization and the client. They can help you target a specific group that may be under-performing. Client interaction on every level matters. Do your clients see your staff a polite, knowledgeable, and competent?
  • PSI can help you build customer loyalty. Surveys help you understand your customers’ needs. When you understand what your customer wants you can deliver your product or service more effectively, thereby increasing loyalty.By surveying the whole of your client base, you will a clear perspective on their needs. Often we only hear the most vocal of opinions and thy may not speak for the whole.
  • PSI can help you grow. Important data captured by a survey may help your organization develop an appropriate growth strategy.Knowledge is power, and when you clearly understand you customer satisfaction levels, your organization is better positioned to predict sales and other trends.
  • PSI can help assess customer interest in a new product or service. Customer surveys can help you understand if your products and/or services meet your customer needs, and where they may fall short.Customer surveys can also act as a preliminary market research study. Surveys can help you build a better understanding of what type of client is interested in what type of product. This information can help you launch new products or service offerings and help you create effective marketing and advertising strategies for current or new offerings.

PSI Hires & Trains the Best Customer Reps

Ultimately, this may result in better-designed products that are more likely to meet the needs of both existing—and future—customers. While many organizations that understand the value of client feedback, they struggle with consistently implementing a process that can effectively gather customer opinions.

PSI can effectively survey by mail, the telephone or online web portals. Our extensive survey expertise assures quality data that will help your business increase revenues. We also run analysis and deliver timely data reports.

At PSI, we believe that you’re not just hiring a company to conduct to do survey research. Rather, you are hiring a business partner with a sincere interest in the health and success of your company.

Please, give Customized Contact Solutions a call at (727) 373 7499. PSI want to become a valuable partner by fulfilling your survey research needs, and exceeding your expectations.