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Auto Programs

Auto Policy Service carriers’ auto policies are insufficiently underwritten – not reflecting changes in the insured’s household since their policy was originally written.  If the policyholder is ever in an accident — even a small one — the policy premium may not sufficiently cover the risk. Knowing these risk factors at the policy level is critical to a carrier’s profitability – PSI can really help.

Every auto policy is unique

PSI’s auto policy service engages policyholders through our exclusive policy management software. We apply time-tested underwriting logic and other specific data to reveal telltale signs of incorrect auto policy misratings. We customize critical policy information reviews to assess appropriate vehicle use, annual mileage, and recently-licensed young drivers to help you adjust premiums so drivers and vehicles have sufficient coverage.

We’ll help your auto policyholders get the right coverage on the road. PSI is the cost-effective way of correcting classification, managing risk and increasing auto policy retention all at the same time.