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Auto Dealership Services

PSI’s Customized Auto Dealer Services

Customized Contact Solutions offers a customized program to suit your dealership’s needs while adhering to manufacturer standards. Our specialized customer service interviewers identify customers who are less than Completely Satisfied or may have a minor concern or question after the sale or service.

This customized customer service becomes an integral part of your daily business model once you begin receiving your Daily Opportunities. Each morning you will receive an email containing the customer surveys of your clients that rated you or a category as less than satisfied along with their reasoning. You are now in the driver’s seat and able to reach out to your customer proactively by correcting the issue prior to them receiving their Manufacturer Survey.

PSI’s customer service is capped off by encouraging all completely satisfied customers to complete and return the Manufacturer Survey as Completely Satisfied as they indicated in our survey. You then receive and a monthly Managerial Report is sent to the project lead with trending analysis scoring each of the survey questions.

Following are some of PSI’s more popular Auto Dealer Follow-Up Programs:

  • New and Pre-Owned Purchase
  • Warranted Service
  • Body Shop Repair
  • Prospect and Lost Customer
  • Event Marketing

Additional Applications and Benefits

  • Monitor service adviser and technician performance
  • Identify training issues for your sales force
  • Improve the image of your dealership
  • Identify customer likes and dislikes to improve customer service scores
  • Find customers who purchase a vehicle from your dealership but choose another for service
  • Uncover reasons prospects purchased from another dealership