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PSI can play a vital role in retaining your association’s membership. By helping to identify new services, products or events you may wish to validate before promoting, evaluating member satisfaction, evaluating conferences, and providing insight as to why members may not be renewing.

PSI becomes partners with you, so you can continually expand the quality of your organization’s service. We accomplish this in the following ways: We create surveys for online web portals; we mail surveys, and we provide inbound and outbound call center services for members to respond and complete your survey over the phone. The later type of service adds a personal touch and can promote customer loyalty.
Any combination of US mail, online, email, and out bound-in bound call services are available, and they will be suited best fulfill your specific requirements.

PSI Member Satisfaction Survey

An association’s member satisfaction survey typically asks members about their overall engagement and satisfaction in the organization. They can assist you in showing your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement. They also can help you to identify new opportunities that will best meet the professional needs of your members.

PSI Conference Evaluation

A convention/conference evaluation is for associations and businesses to determine the effectiveness and quality of their recent meeting for member and or non-member attendees.
Readership survey
Readership surveys enable the association to measure member satisfaction with its publications’ content and format. It may also include the logistics of receiving and sharing the publications at work, appropriateness of frequency, topics for future articles, and overall satisfaction with the publications. Some may also include participants to rate various publications for their newsworthiness, applicability, timeliness, credibility, and design. Some associations ask members their preferred method of receiving information and updates (i.e., via email, mail or a call), various demographics, and whether they will renew their subscriptions.

PSI Non-For Profits

Customized Contact Solutions can assist with your donation campaigns with friendly and courteous outbound call center services coupled with or without a pre-note mailing campaign for more effective donor participation.