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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

PSI designs client programs to be completely flexible. From initial consulting and program development through full implementation, PSI will tailor individual processes to lower your loss ratio and raise the cost-efficiency of your program.

Rapid Policy Processing

Our IT platforms are fully scalable to process an infinite number of policies. We currently process over 150,000 policies per week, so whatever your file management needs are, PSI can handle them.

Our technology is also designed to be flexible. When a client changes a parameter, we can modify the program in a responsive timeframe. We’ll even modify requirements to whatever data format the carriers’ IT department requires.

Better Reporting

Each client’s weekly and monthly management reports will contain a variety of information customized for their needs, including:

  • Contact metrics
  • Quality Control measures
  • Customized Policy Change Reports

Data Security Management

Maintaining policyholders’ privacy within our database is our top priority. For that reason, PSI has the ability to access current data transfer protocol with the highest level of encryption, so we can maintain the carrier’s existing control and security measures.